The Story of Our Thunderbirds
by Ron and Susan Wacek

Hello. My name is Ron Wacek. I live in Pleasanton with my wife Susan, and this is the story of my ’55 Thunderbird. Let’s go back to 1955 or thereabouts. This is how I remember it at 7 years old. I was living with my Aunt and Uncle. They had a café/gas station on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) about 5-7 miles south of Oxnard and 1/2 mile north of Mugu Rock. The location is now home to the Chumash trailhead of Mugu State Park. A portion of the Pt. Mugu base is directly across the PCH. One day a cool car drove in and a Navy guy got out and went in for a bite to eat. I went over to check the car out. It had no back seat and it had a big black phone in it! It must have been for military communications. I just said wow to myself and thought that one day maybe I could have a car like that with a phone in it. read more

Blackboard, surfboard, thunderbird

A word from down under from Geoff McFadden

Geoff McFadden, Treasurer of the Victorian Chapter of the Thunderbird Owners’ Club of Australia, has allowed us to share this story.   Geoff’s car appears in our 2021 Calendar.

Blackboard, surfboard, thunderbird 

I saw my first Thunderbird in California in 1987.  I was touring the US giving biology lectures at Universities and doing a little surfing on the coast.  In Santa Barbara I spotted a Thunderbird Blue 1955 sporting an after market continental kit.  She was parked in a Safeway car park.  I recall reading the stylish script on the rear fender to identify what sort of car it was. read more

Bud Riley’s 1957 White Bird


The first T-bird I had was a 1956 White bird with automatic transmission, in 1958. I sold that one, but ended up with a Red 1955 bird in 1962. The Red bird was a 3-speed stick with overdrive. I put a 390 high performance engine with 401 horsepower in it so I could win my street drag races. A year or two later I put a highly modified 427 in it read more



From Poop to Perfect – or lots of BS, no BS

From Tony & Kathy Lloyd

Regarding our T-bird history.
I have owned this car for 55 years. It was a worn out 100,000+, hit multiple times, beater when I got it.
Since then, it got hit two more times and I personally drove it another 400,000 miles. This was my daily driver the whole time The only original moving part is the glove box hinge.
In 1962 I purchased a red 1955 Thunderbird that was in poor condition at best. I only paid $1300 so knowing the car had slightly over 100K miles on it, I knew I had some work to do. It had so little compression that it wouyld only start when dead cold. There was no starting it when it was warmed up. I pulled the engine and transmission and ripped it apart on my dad’s clean garage floor. He was less than pleased.  (you really want to) read more


Rick Slaton – From Rust to Riches


Our Baby Bird story began in Dallas, Texas at 12:33 PM on October 8, 2011.  That’s when the gavel struck and the auctioneer shouted sold! SOLD!! SOLD!!!  Little did we know that what was one of the most exuberant, and in hindsight impetuous, moments in our 42 year marriage (now 51 + years) would soon turn into the quintessential restoration nightmare lasting 9 years. read more