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Well, January was quite a month for BATOC: our usual January meeting with lots of news, our annual Board planning meeting with lots of new ideas, a great President’s Mystery Tour to Sonoma County and a couple of big bombshells for everyone to digest….not to mention the 49’rs advancing to the Superbowl. That will make for a great Superbowl party at the Guthrie’s. I probably can’t discuss all these items in my usual one-page message, but I will be as brief and succinct as possible…starting with our Mystery Tour last weekend. A great time was had by all (15 cars / 33 BATOC’rs) at the Charles Schulz Museum, followed by a beautiful back-roads drive through the countryside to Calistoga for a BBQ lunch at Buster’s BBQ. And our Situational Awareness Challenge was won by the Hager’s. Thanks to everyone who came and made it a wonderful day.
Our annual BATOC board meeting was well attended and productive. As you know, we opened it up this year to the general membership in an effort to get EVERYONE’S input and to allow for a free exchange of ideas, concerns and complaints. Afterall, the club is for EVERYONE – not just the core group – and everyone’s input of what works and what doesn’t work is valuable. For those of you that missed these events, the bombshell that dropped was the upcoming vacancies on the board for NEXT year (2025). Specifically…President, Vice-President and Treasurer…Me, Guy & Maria. In short, after much consideration and discussion, the 3 of us have decided that it is time for some new blood, new ideas and new approaches. After 21 years for me, 8 years for Guy and 19 years for Maria, we think it is time to pass the batons and, frankly, enjoy the view from the back of the room…so-to-speak. The good news is that Cathy Hager has stepped up to accept the Treasurer nomination, which means that her current position as Secretary will be open and looking for a “Seat Filler”. Guy and I, of course, will be recruiting and grooming our successors over the next few months and we trust that none of your will avoid eye contact or start skipping meetings.. We think there are several of you that would make excellent candidates and would be eager to lend a little energy to the club. I look forward to your thoughts and invite anyone who’s interested to reach out. And, while we’ve got a little time, these changes officially require nominations to be held in October / November and a formal election process and installation of new officers in December.
I will mention one other item from the board meeting that is important and that is our monthly meetings at the Buttercup and the cost of breakfast. Obviously, prices go up and Buttercup, in fact, raised the breakfast prices back with Covid. BATOC has been subsidizing those price increases ever since, but we can no longer continue to do that. We are actually losing about $3.00 per breakfast. On top of that, we have not enforced the “From the menu only” rule and individuals have been ordering add-ons – like large drinks or extra fruit, etc. – without paying the extra charges. So, the club ends up covering these addons. Starting at our February meeting, breakfast will be $30.00 (including tax & tip) and you will only be able to order from our Prix-Fixe menu without paying the price difference to the club treasurer at the meeting. Unfortunately, we must now enforce this. On a positive note, however, we will also be modifying our BATOC Bucks program, and you will be able to earn more than ever from your participation in club activities.
And finally, I want to officially launch our new “Shit for Seniors” program that will replace our traditional Toys for Tots program. As we have for years, BATOC has graciously given to the Toys for Tots program. It is a wonderful organization. But we would like to modify the concept and support our Seniors and Veterans with essentially the same concept. But instead of Toys for Tots, we will provide “Shit for Seniors” and work with area Senior centers and Veterans organizations to bring Christmas cheer and warmth to those that need and deserve it most. We promise to come up with a better name, but you get the idea. AND, I am happy to report that we already have a robust committee of BATOC’rs – headed by Darlene Hafner, Mary Cummins, Maria, Lita and Cathy – who have stepped up to make this a reality. We’ll have much more on this in the coming months, but we are very excited about this new venture.
So there ya have my brief and succinct President’s Message for the month. Read more inside and let’s make this a fabulous 2024.


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