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Since necessity is the true Mother of Invention, I’ve created the new 13-hour clock…for those of us – mostly me – who need more hours in the day…Who wants one? LOL. But seriously, I thought getting to this age meant that you could slow down a bit and enjoy more recreation. HA.
So, in my 13th hour of this day, here are your club highlights and things you need to know. This month was certainly a challenge for us as a group as we had a significant bout of Covid pass through our ranks with several members having to cancel their reservations to our outings this month. I believe we had 4 couples drop out of our Elkhorn Slough trip and we’ve had two couples drop out of Morro Bay. I hope that everyone is back on their feet and feeling good again. We hope to see everyone at this month’s meeting – either in person or via our live webcast Zoom meeting, which has allowed us to welcome guests and prospective members while staying in touch with travelling members and members who are at their summer or vacation homes. You can find the meeting link on the BATOC web site.
Moving right along – this month is our Morro Bay get-away on August 15-17th. As mentioned above, we’ve had 3 couples drop out for various reasons, which means we still have a couple of rooms left. If you wish to join in, call me right away. If you are already signed up and ready for the fun, watch your email in the next few days for the final itinerary, activity options and caravan instructions. There will be a couple of head counts needed so please be sure to respond to the email when you get it.
September, of course, brings us to the Ironstone Concours on the 24th. This is our annual trek and is one of the best trips of the year. If you haven’t been, you owe it to yourself to join the group for a great weekend and the best car show setting anywhere. Absolutely beautiful. Check it out at www.ironstoneconcours.com.
On a more serious note, I want to thank Mark Goldenberg for bringing up this important topic…and that is insurance on our cars. As we all know (and I deal with every day) the value of our cars has climbed substantially in the last 2-3 years, but few of us – if any – have bothered to increase our insurance accordingly. And while I can’t tell each one of you how much to insure your car for, I would encourage everyone to raise their insurance by 50% or so…in other words from $20,000 up to $30,000 or from $40,000 up to $60,000, etc. Neither Hagerty or JC Taylor will bat an eye at those numbers, and you will be much more secure should something horrible happen. And while we are on the topic, if you are not insured with a specialty insurance company like Hagerty, JC Taylor or Grundy you are making a huge mistake. Normal insurance companies do NOT cover your classic car properly…And I’ll discuss that at length in a write-up in next month’s newsletter – Agreed Value insurance vs Stated Value insurance. Huge difference. Anyway…my 13th hour (and then some) has been used up and the bed is calling. See you all on the 13th for our meeting or the 15th in Morro Bay. 


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